graduate programs

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the statistics graduate programs consists of a general track ms program, analytics concentration ms program, applied concentration ms program, and a phd program. the graduate programs provide advanced training in mathematical and applied statistics, exposure to statistics in a consulting or collaborative research environment and specialized coursework in a number of areas of emphasis, such as data science and biostatistics. the graduate programs are intended to prepare students for careers as practicing statisticians and data scientists as well as to provide enhanced research expertise and professional leadership in the field of statistics and data sciences.

application deadlines:

ms fall admission – april 1 (general track, analytics)
ms spring admission – september 15 (general track, analytics, applied)
phd fall admission - dec 15 (fall admit only)
*application deadlines are the same for both domestic and international applicants

apply now!

fall 2021 application note: due to ongoing difficulties brought on by covid-19, effective december 7, 2020, the statistics graduate degree programs (phd, ms) have elected to make the gre scores an optional application material for this admission cycle only. if you have valid gre scores, we do encourage you to still submit the scores along with your other required application materials (detailed below). applicants will not be penalized for not supplying gre scores and all applications will receive the same admission considerations with or without scores.