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students seeking a career in banking and finance will want a strong background in business, marketing, finance, and accounting. careers in banking and finance require a strong interpersonal and communication skills in order to work with a diverse team and clientele. if investment banking is of interest students may want to consider pursuing a mba in addition to a degree in statistics. part-time, summer, or internship positions are a great way to gain related experience working with financial services firms. there are several professional certifications that should be researched as they are of value in this career field 

typical work found in banking and finance careers

banking and finance employers


  • corporate and consumer credit analysis
  • commercial lending
  • trust management
  • capital services and mergers and acquisitions
  • mortgage loans
  • originations and packaging
  • branch management operations
  • cash management
  • credit scoring and risk management
  • private banking
  • financial analysis
  • investment banking


  • commercial banks credit unions
  • savings and loan associations
  • savings banks
  • mortgage banks
  • captive finance companies
  • regulatory  agencies including:
    • federal reserve
    • federal deposit insurance corporation (fdic)
    • office of the comptroller of the currency (occ)
    • office of thrift supervision  (ots)
  • brokerage firms

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